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(This is where I will keep my to do list, package and status )

• Jenna/ misbhvnprincess [ultimate package]
• name/ username[package bought]
• name/ username[package bought]
• name/ username[package bought]

Work in progress
•Jenna/ misbhvnprincess

Filled and completed
(will be placed here)
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He is my light

I've decided

Paid Package coming soon.

I've decided to create a package which will be available for purchase.
They will consist of icons, side bars and if I can manage some blinkies as well, plus possibly a fb cover.

The icon in this entry will be one of them. Stay tuned.
I will make a reasonable price and lots of goodies.


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A dream


(snagged this from a community iheartmyroom was the best meme I could find. Most were too short didn't like that so here it is. Edited it slightly)

Since I am always looking for new friends thought to do a meme leave it public for anyone that might want to be friends a little about me before adding.

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lj icon

Honor cup, back.

Remember Honor_Cup?
Well there's a new community that operates the same way.
its called thankfuls
Join, spread the word.

I loved the community and loved the idea.Was nice to see some love out there.
Although me myself did not get many but was an awesome community.
Loved seeing 90+ honors sometimes.

Well here it is. thankfuls

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Be Pawsitive!

Fresh start.

I'm making a fresh start!! Meaning I am removing my DNMF list, blocked list etc. Life's too short as Leo has been pointing out to me lately. I am also any one that wants to be friends no matter who you are I'm going to be more open if you want to be friends. I am only keeping a couple people on my dnmf list but that's a specific reason.

I have had too many people who I thought were friends remove me like I was the trash they were taking out and I am nothing but loyal, have been open, kind and kept my mouth shut where need to be. However that's how people want to treat me then so be it. Karma has  a way of dealing with those people.

This is a public entry.

Give me time to update and remove the dnmf list. It may take a while but I am starting fresh.

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Animation Leo

Good news!

Good News Mostly.

So over the weekend Leo threw up which was not good. He was doing so well and threw up we were afraid his kidney or liver was acting up.  However like half an hour after he threw up he was begging for food. His appetite came back and ended up eating 3 times. He did okay with his eating over the weekend which was good and spirit wise he has been good too.

Friday he went back in for blood check and blood pressure reading we got the results today which will discuss in a bit. He gained a little bit of weight which was good, he also was good when they drew blood from him and did not scream this time which was also great.

The vet called this morning and we got great news. His liver is like back to normal, and overall the results are far better then the vet anticipated. Which is fantastic news. Now the only concern and issue we have is his blood pressure is still a bit too high for what the vet would like so he is on more meds for that plus he is going to get some more meds for his Kidney's. We need to get his blood pressure down because if it remains high it can lead to blindness, kidney problems and liver problems, various other things also. However all in all we got more positive results today which is wonderful news!!!

I take each and every additional day as a wonderful gift. One I will be able to cherish forever.
So thats an update on my LEO. Mostly good, just had a bad part of the day on Saturday. Things are much better now!
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Friends ONLY


1. Must fill this form out for any chance of me adding you.
2. DO NOT ADD and delete that is super super rude.
3. If your here to stalk, google, spy, GTFO I don't need that.[get a new hobby]
4. Yeah its come to rules. I am tired of the BS.
5. If you do add and delete me you will be blocked. Have the decency to tell me why.
Otherwise I will ASSUME you were here to spy on my journal and be banned from every contacting me again.
6. Childish attitudes GTFO, if your going to base me on who my friends are  and delete me later cause I'm friends with so and so. GROW UP!!!!
7. I am not judgmental person but based on a lot of  whats been happening lately I have EXTREMELY HIGH STANDARDS.

Its approaching  a new year. I am taking new friends request. However am selectively adding. I may or may not add you please fill out below!

Where did you find me?
Whats your name?
Why do you want to be added?
Where are you from?
Tell me a little bit about yourself.
Why should I add you? 
Are you going to add and delete?
Cute puppy 01

Please support

Please support!!!

If you love cats and dogs please like this page!! Were trying to bring more awareness to the state of dogs and cats in Mexico and Caribbean. I know a lot of you have been to either somewhere in the Caribbean or Mexico so please LIKE and pass this around to your friends. Lets make a difference YOU HAVE THE POWER TOO. Also always looking for volunteers you don't have to be in a certain city to help out. You can help in the comfort of your own home. Lets make a difference!!! All it takes is liking CANDi international!! Your support is much needed. Thanks :)
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General Hiatus

Hiatus/ M.I.A

Hiatus/ M.I.A
from Jan 19th to Jan 26th about.

I will be away and will not be available to fill offers or pick up my requests.

I have asked that Jenna/misbhvnprincesswill be picking up my requests for me.
I am putting this publicly so makers can see that i have indeed authorized her to do so.

As far as a designer goes I hope to be back the 25th but I could be back later. It depends if I get on the plane or  not. I am on standby going and standby going back. If there is any problem feel free to leave in here or message me I hope to get to everything ASAP.

Side note for JENNA.(misbhvnprincess)
I am screening comments if you could just leave any pick ups I have in here that would be great!!
Thank you again.

Anything posted in here is being SCREENED
See you all soon.
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loving my life

Designing in 2012

Designing in 2012

I'd like to take this time to write a little bit about how my designing will be in this year so you can be better prepared.

A lot of changes came into my life at the end of the year but a lot of it is for the better. I have been working on looking for work however unexpectedly I came across this organization that my vocational counselor told me about. I was not expecting things to take off as they have been but I am not complaining. I am working on brochures for them and this month I'll be heading to Mexico to do photography work of their sterilization clinic they are having.

This all has been a major blessing in my life and I am thrilled to be doing all I am with this organization plus also gaining real life experiences. Finding a job after school is always hard and I am just so grateful for this opportunity even though its STRICTLY VOLUNTEERING. I am not getting paid but I am not getting paid for graphics here either. But this is for real company a real organization and ones that they are always doing projects for.

They will be my PRIORITY. I will still be posting offers, but I may be stepping down quiet a bit the frequency of posting. I will do my best when I have some moments to fill offers. I am also trying to build and start going back to the professional side so I also will be working a lot when I have time on finishing my website that is next. Keeping up to date with my photography blog, and also I want to start a new website strictly for my photography.

• Any problems questions, concerns, anything at all feel free to PM me I Will do my best to answer it promptly
• I will do also my best to fill all offers as promptly as I can but there might be some delays. Depends how busy I will be.
• I Will update later and will post another public post @ my journal and also all the communities I design in but I will be on a big hiatus from April- Mid may. I Will have exact dates but chances are there will be zero offers from me during that time. As I will be out of the country and because I have a desktop computer and not a laptop I won't be able to fill or do anything.

I also ask that if this is a problem or an issue especially for the owners of each community I design in to let me know.

My first absences will be in-between jan 18- 26ish or so. I am not 100% sure yet. For the 20-24 for sure. I hope to post an offer before I go but they will only be filled last weekend or two days of the month.

Thank you.
I will post any thing about my designing and how it will affect you to display @ my personal. Hiatuses etc will also be placed.

Nikki/ lovelydiva8
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