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Designing in 2012

Designing in 2012

I'd like to take this time to write a little bit about how my designing will be in this year so you can be better prepared.

A lot of changes came into my life at the end of the year but a lot of it is for the better. I have been working on looking for work however unexpectedly I came across this organization that my vocational counselor told me about. I was not expecting things to take off as they have been but I am not complaining. I am working on brochures for them and this month I'll be heading to Mexico to do photography work of their sterilization clinic they are having.

This all has been a major blessing in my life and I am thrilled to be doing all I am with this organization plus also gaining real life experiences. Finding a job after school is always hard and I am just so grateful for this opportunity even though its STRICTLY VOLUNTEERING. I am not getting paid but I am not getting paid for graphics here either. But this is for real company a real organization and ones that they are always doing projects for.

They will be my PRIORITY. I will still be posting offers, but I may be stepping down quiet a bit the frequency of posting. I will do my best when I have some moments to fill offers. I am also trying to build and start going back to the professional side so I also will be working a lot when I have time on finishing my website that is next. Keeping up to date with my photography blog, and also I want to start a new website strictly for my photography.

• Any problems questions, concerns, anything at all feel free to PM me I Will do my best to answer it promptly
• I will do also my best to fill all offers as promptly as I can but there might be some delays. Depends how busy I will be.
• I Will update later and will post another public post @ my journal and also all the communities I design in but I will be on a big hiatus from April- Mid may. I Will have exact dates but chances are there will be zero offers from me during that time. As I will be out of the country and because I have a desktop computer and not a laptop I won't be able to fill or do anything.

I also ask that if this is a problem or an issue especially for the owners of each community I design in to let me know.

My first absences will be in-between jan 18- 26ish or so. I am not 100% sure yet. For the 20-24 for sure. I hope to post an offer before I go but they will only be filled last weekend or two days of the month.

Thank you.
I will post any thing about my designing and how it will affect you to display @ my personal. Hiatuses etc will also be placed.

Nikki/ lovelydiva8
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