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Nikki SugarBee
Hiatus/ M.I.A 
25th-Jan-2012 07:07 pm
General Hiatus
Hiatus/ M.I.A
from Jan 19th to Jan 26th about.

I will be away and will not be available to fill offers or pick up my requests.

I have asked that Jenna/misbhvnprincesswill be picking up my requests for me.
I am putting this publicly so makers can see that i have indeed authorized her to do so.

As far as a designer goes I hope to be back the 25th but I could be back later. It depends if I get on the plane or  not. I am on standby going and standby going back. If there is any problem feel free to leave in here or message me I hope to get to everything ASAP.

Side note for JENNA.(misbhvnprincess)
I am screening comments if you could just leave any pick ups I have in here that would be great!!
Thank you again.

Anything posted in here is being SCREENED
See you all soon.
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