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Nikki SugarBee
Good news! 
16th-Jul-2012 05:44 pm
Animation Leo
Good News Mostly.

So over the weekend Leo threw up which was not good. He was doing so well and threw up we were afraid his kidney or liver was acting up.  However like half an hour after he threw up he was begging for food. His appetite came back and ended up eating 3 times. He did okay with his eating over the weekend which was good and spirit wise he has been good too.

Friday he went back in for blood check and blood pressure reading we got the results today which will discuss in a bit. He gained a little bit of weight which was good, he also was good when they drew blood from him and did not scream this time which was also great.

The vet called this morning and we got great news. His liver is like back to normal, and overall the results are far better then the vet anticipated. Which is fantastic news. Now the only concern and issue we have is his blood pressure is still a bit too high for what the vet would like so he is on more meds for that plus he is going to get some more meds for his Kidney's. We need to get his blood pressure down because if it remains high it can lead to blindness, kidney problems and liver problems, various other things also. However all in all we got more positive results today which is wonderful news!!!

I take each and every additional day as a wonderful gift. One I will be able to cherish forever.
So thats an update on my LEO. Mostly good, just had a bad part of the day on Saturday. Things are much better now!
17th-Jul-2012 01:14 am (UTC)
im glad that he is doing better.
hope he stays that way.
and no matter what, im glad that you get more time with him.
17th-Jul-2012 02:57 am (UTC)
I;m glad you got some good news on Leo! I hope you can get his bloos pressure down soon! ♥
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