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Nikki SugarBee
Fresh start. 
17th-Jul-2012 10:37 am
Be Pawsitive!

I'm making a fresh start!! Meaning I am removing my DNMF list, blocked list etc. Life's too short as Leo has been pointing out to me lately. I am also any one that wants to be friends no matter who you are I'm going to be more open if you want to be friends. I am only keeping a couple people on my dnmf list but that's a specific reason.

I have had too many people who I thought were friends remove me like I was the trash they were taking out and I am nothing but loyal, have been open, kind and kept my mouth shut where need to be. However that's how people want to treat me then so be it. Karma has  a way of dealing with those people.

This is a public entry.

Give me time to update and remove the dnmf list. It may take a while but I am starting fresh.

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