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I need ideas for things to leave in your stockings!!
I am thinking to do a blinkie and maybe a couple icons.

I am going to screen this post to keep your privacy and not have ideas stolen.
I have a stocking the link to my stocking can be found

You can leave me your info there too.
For now I need ideas, what you'd like to see!!!
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My work

My Work.

So it has come to my attention people are uploading images to Facebook yet not crediting it properly 
First off NOT CREDITING is a big no no for me. 
I am really not picky with you uploading graphics to facebook, personal blogs ,etc.
However for me NOT CREDITING is a big issue.

You want to upload stuff to facebook go a head, I dunno why you would want to upload animated stuff cause you can not see it but if you want too go a head.

→Those that have me as a friend I EXPECT A TAG.
→ Those that do not have me I expect at least saying at the bottom in the caption made by lovelydiva8 @ LJ thats not hard is it?

Now most of you are great, so sorry to drag this in but I just want this to be clear.
I am really not picky some designers have to have it credited the exact lj name & community, I am not that way.

I will start posting stuff on my AMADA list that does use tubes. Those will be asked to remain on LJ & blogspots ONLY. No facebook, twitter, myspace, etc. I'll re address this later when posting freebie up on my amada list.

I will try to be fair catching people you will get a warning, after that a permanent ban.

However seeing it several people have asked some individuals to either take down or credit I will have no choice but to ban some people. 
I hate banning but when you don't follow rules thats what you get.

Oh yeah just to keep the peace, I am disabling comments.

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I'm the princess


Fall/ Halloween Stuff.

I wanna get some things done up today so I am working on some fall and halloween examples.

These will need pics why I am posting here.

Please keep in mind I Am not asking for colors cause they will be halloween or fall colors.
For fall I will give you preference of either red, orange or brown.

Please ONLY fill one.
Ideas + What I need ( Keep only the bullet which you would like to be an example for)
Fall stuff
• → name picture leaf siggy
• → leaf picture icon
• → fall side bar

(make it easier just include everything I will weed out what I do not need)
intials or tag:
image(url only please):
color preference(brown, red, orange or multi):

Ideas + What I need ( Keep only the bullet which you would like to be an example for)
Halloween stuff
• → (Significant others name) sexy witch lj sidebar
• → pumpkin icon + lj side bar 
• → (haven't decided yet) general halloween siggy or side bar:

(make it easier just include everything I will weed out what I do not need)
intials or tag:
image(url only please):
Just live your life

Banned List

Banned and DNMF List

the following list are a list of people blocked.
I never thought I'd be making a list but so be it.

You may not request from me on the sites I design on. I will not fill your request.
If you add me again I will ban you. I do get notifications.

I have the right to block, ban people as I see fit.
I see adding and deleting without warning as rude and offensive and I will not stand for it no matter who you are.

If your name is here its because.
- Either you added me and deleted me without reason.
- your a drama starter
- two faced
- or just plainly I do not trust you.

Tifanny blissful inlove who ever she is keeps changing usernames

I do not judge you based on your friends. I know several of you are friends with some of these listed people. I also do not talk trash about someone but I hate with passion being treated the way some of these people have treated me. Its rude and makes me feel like they were on my page just to snoop, get goodies,et. I also hate with a passion people judging me just cause who I am friends with. You don't like it then tough but treating me like shit just cause I am friends with someone is not a good enough excuse in my book.

It takes two to tango....If you expected me to communicate its hard when I rarely would see posts from you.
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Info for Spoils

Info on Me 
For spoils, goodie bags, etc.

[this is a public post, Please do not comment here for the sake of commenting. Thanks]

About me info:
1. username: lovelydiva8
2. Name: Nikki
3. Tag: NCA or lovelydiva8
4. Sign: Libra
5. Birthday: Oct 17
6. Pets/furbabies: Smokey no longer living, & Leo[both dogs]
7. Pretty Hex's I like:
Blue's & Blue Greens: #23bdfd, #067388, #4a8aff, #19bbc7, #3F99FA, #2CBCD3, #22D0FF
Purples: #6600cc,#8585e2, #8000ff, #850BD2, #B300FF, #BE80FF
Pink's: #FF3399, #FF5EAA, #FF8EA1, #FF0592, #FF77CD, #FE1CAC
For my dogs I like blue's greens, earth colors and red.
8. My favorite # is 8 because when your rotate its the symbol for infinity/forever[I came to this logically conclusion a few years ago]
9. Things I love. Icons, blinkies, pixel related stuff. Not picky though love it all
10. Single, from Canada, I love things with dogs on em, not picky though; I am a huge animal lover.

if need to know anything else feel free to ask or send me a message. Thanks

→♥ Pictures Entry ♥ ←
unfortunately for picture related stuff I am not sharing it with all. If you are viewing this and I know you and you want access to it please message me. I'll send you the link. Only trusted individuals have access to my images.
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Sorry I am sick and tired of peoples crap and sick and tired of letting people into my life just to be hurt.
I thank my S.O Ladies, cause you all rock so much.[I'm very blessed to have met you all]
& I am very thankful to have you ladies in my life.

However it seems people I meet on LJ slowly disappear at one point or another. & Because Women tend to be full of drama. I am just not going to let you in just so you later on can use stuff against me. Cause thats what somehow ends up happening.

I Am sick and tired of that. I have had enough shit in my life that I have had to deal with.  
My own problems in my life, my city, the real world I Don't need more of it when I am come online.
People think on you have emotional issues, you won't last in the real world. You need a rude awakening yada yada.
You know what people I am living in the real world, cause real people have anxiety, or depression or some form of some emotional disturbance. & You know what I bet you people would not LAST A DAY IN MY SHOES because its is not easy dealing with emotional problems. & honestly I won't let ANY ONE make me feel less of  some of the greatest people on this earth has face depression and anxiety.

If God let me have this its cause he knows I can battle it and overcome it.
& these are just some amazing people that have dealt with this. William Blake, Marlon Brando, Barbara Bush, Winston Churchill, Dick Clark, Thomas Edison, Queen Elizabeth I of England, Ralph Waldo Emerson, King George III of England, King Herod, Biblical figure, Jeremiah, Biblical figure, Abraham Lincoln, U.S. President, Claude Monet, artist.

I could go on there is a long list. However if these amazing people can accomplish a lot in their lives so can I. 

I come online to meet kind people, people that care, and aren't going to backstab you. {although I see it happen online too}
So I am extremely selectively adding people now. I am tired of being added, for snooping purposes, and then deleted.

BTW just forewarning you  from now on depending on the extent of things any one that adds and deletes will be banned. I might not do this for all but for some I will start doing that. I Am just tired.

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My husband James franco :D


Contest TIME!!! 

Contest. [ From now till April 20]

I'm in need of a new look for my lj & my brain can't seem to work on getting a new look for myself so the contest is…Design me a banner & background. Do not worry if you can not code. I will take existing layout I have now and replace the background and banner with your images. If you know how to do the coding or tweaking of code feel free to do it but if not no worries.

I will credit you in my layout in the credit section of my personal.

Collapse ) 
MWAH neon

Looking to make

Communities Wanting Makers?

I want to make somewhere other than my community and one other place I design on.
So if anyone knows of any communities or if you are looking for makers please let me know as I am looking for communities and places taking new makers.

Thanks :D

I'm leaving this as public for now.
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Since I am banned [makers wanted]

From posting on a community I am doing it here and leaving this public.
If your a maker and looking to make somewhere I am taking makers.

I'm currently taking 2-3 makers @ my community sugar_raindrops
if your interested please apply here

Feel free to repost the info and pass it along if you know anyone who is looking to make some where

@ Jenny incase you see this first I will get back to your message soon regarding this very subject.