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lovelydiva8's Journal

Nikki SugarBee
17 October

About Nikki
I'm Nikki & am 30 single gal & live in the Greator Toronto Area in Canada. I love designing & am a graphic/web designer, love making icons, and looking for more icons as well. I love meeting new people so if you want to make a new friend feel free to enter my world lol. Otherwise there are some things I just am tired of sharing with the world lol [no offense haha]

Some Icons
some of my icons as I do design lots if interested in any or getting some then join me over @ Secret Obessions I do open some freebies here on my personal but for now thats now and then and not always.

About My Journal
I want to keep this for friends not lurkers stalkers etc. I am more than happy if you want to become friends however please if you have no intents being friends chatting commenting in my posts then please go elsewhere. if interested in being a friend feel free to shoot me a message or add me.

Sugar Raindrops My Custom Site, Secret Obsessions
* want some of my designs visit those links. I Am currently not designing on my own. I do make some stuff and put freebies up on my profile here. Or visit an awesome forum with tons of other amazing designers. Secret Obsessions
Profile layout by snubbly

Daisypath - Personal pictureDaisypath Happy Birthday tickers

PitaPata - Personal picturePitaPata Dog tickers
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